The Employability & Enterprise Skills Experience
  • 83% of students agree employability skills improved after participating in the UBC

  • Entries open in April for UBC UK 2021-22 at Early Bird discount rate

  • The UBC has helped over 37,000 students with employability and enterprise skills

  • UBC Global Masters 2020-2021:Congratulations to University of Glasgow for winning a competitive Grand Final

  • "Because of doing the UBC I was selected for a placement out of 150 candidates"

  • UBC UK 2020-2021: Congratulations to University of Liverpool for winning a fabulous Grand Final

  • “Thank you - the UBC was one of my top experiences at university”

'The UBC is a wonderful and highly beneficial way students can develop their enterprise and employability skills'

'Students have the chance to showcase their leadership, analytical and problem solving skills by working with peers to make strategic business decisions in this simulated workplace experience. Engaging in the UBC really enables them to stand out to employers' - Nicola Faulkner, Student Experience Co-ordinator, Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University

The Universities Business Challenge started in the United Kingdom over 20 years ago and is now the longest established and most recognised simulation-based competitive challenge for undergraduates designed to develop employability and enterprise skills. Supported by leading universities and corporate partners, nearly 30,000 students have benefitted from participating in the UBC Worldwide.

The fact that the UBC is growing year-on-year is testament to the value that participating university educators, students and employer partners put on the competition. The UBC is based around realistic business simulations developed by Learning Dynamics and are run on-line. The simulations are designed to engage and develop students' employability and enterprise skills so that they are given a head start in their careers.

Go above and beyond

Challenge yourself and prepare for success. The UBC offers undergraduates within universities a unique opportunity to improve knowledge of the business world, put theory into practice and develop team-working, leadership employability and entrepreneurial skills by participating in a team-based competitive challenge.

Leadership for tomorrow's world

Preparing you to think and behave entrepreneurially, the UBC format and content provides the opportunity to work as a board of directors in realistic, simulated companies, making all the critical business decisions that affect the company's performance. The UBC on-line simulations are varied and challenging - and range from manufacturing to service businesses and social enterprises to ensure a rounded learning experience. 

Inspiring learning experience

Develop career skills: corporate or start-up. The UBC firmat is all about experiential learning about business. Research conducted in conjunction with Canterbury Christ Church University Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation shows that the simulations used by UBC complement classroom learning and provide a learning-by-doing experience which embeds taught theory. The Challenge is a true learning experience for all those who enter, no matter what their study discipline. It will help students to improve their understanding of how businesses work, develop their decision-making skills, their team-working abilities and increase their knowledge in key business areas such as marketing, finance, strategy, production, pricing and HR.

Education meets the real world

Our event content brings the real world to learning. With input from our university supporters and corporate partners, the UBC format and content is not just for business studies students. The UBC increasingly attracts participants across faculties and disciplines from leading universities as its value in employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship skills development is recognised. In addition to Business and Management Studies, students from other faculties such as: Physics, Information Technology, Engineering, Economics, Accounting, Law and a wide range of Arts and Science faculties have gained a new understanding of the business world and at the same time have developed their employability and enterprise skills.

Recognition & Certificates of Participation

Added to the invaluable experience and prestige of progressing through the competition, Certificates of Participation are awarded to students as they progress through the rounds of the Challenge. 

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