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Best practice: team selection and mentoring

Team selection:

A team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 undergraduate students. The UBC’s employer partners will be making presentations on their internships, placements and graduate programmes. So while first year students do enter, we recommend that team members should be in their penultimate or final year of study.

Many universities who enter teams on a regular basis draw team members from across faculties, so that team members can adopt different roles in the simulated company that they will be running in the challenge. This can be done by self-selection or ‘interviewing’, where team members interview each other on the basis of competencies and skills for roles within the team.

It is important that once the team has been formed that a team leader is nominated as all communication between the UBC management  team and the participating team is via the team leader.


While the UBC management team will offer guidance on all aspects of the simulation, team members can benefit greatly from mentoring on team dynamics, team working and how to make decisions by consensus.

All universities who enter teams are provided with logins to the Educator Round 1 website where mentoring and other resources and be viewed and downloaded.

Faculty members, employability advisers or even employer partners can - and do -mentor teams. One university that is committed to developing employability skills enters between 15 and 20 teams and draws mentors from local businesses.