The Employability & Enterprise Skills Experience
  • The UBC has helped over 37,000 students with employability and enterprise skills

  • UBC UK 2020-2021: Congratulations to University of Liverpool for winning a fabulous Grand Final

  • UBC Global Masters 2020-2021:Congratulations to University of Glasgow for winning a competitive Grand Final

  • "Because of doing the UBC I was selected for a placement out of 150 candidates"

  • 83% of students agree employability skills improved after participating in the UBC

  • Entries open in April for UBC UK 2021-22 at Early Bird discount rate

  • “Thank you - the UBC was one of my top experiences at university”

Success Stories

The UBC is a unique event designed to develop employability skills and stimulate enterprise and entrepreneurship. We have the success stories and research to provide positive evidence that participating students demonstrate the skills employers are looking for.

Many employers now expect to see evidence of other skills and achievements that boost a graduate's attractiveness as a potential employee.  Businesses want graduates who not only add value but who have the skills to help to transform their organization in the face of continuous and rapid economic and technological change. All graduates - whatever their degree /discipline - need to be equipped with employability skills. 

“Employability covers a broad range of non-academic or softer skills and abilities which are of value in the workplace. It includes the ability to work in a team; a willingness to demonstrate initiative and original thought; self-discipline in starting and completing tasks to deadline.”  (CBI Survey 2012)

Participating in the UBC offers students the opportunity to meet with potential employers and hear about their internships, placements and graduate schemes. Glen Burgon (extreme left) competed in the UBC and was so impressed with IBM that he successfully applied for a summer internship. He applied to return to IBM after graduation and is now on the IBM graduate scheme. Glen is seen here together with other members of the IBM graduate recruitment team and Kelly Graham (second from right), IBM UK Schools & Universities Attraction Manager.

Claire Spencer, School of Economics, Finance and Management, University of Bristol.

"The UBC is an extremely valuable student activity. Teams develop the essential business skills that employers are looking for. They also get to hear some fantastic speakers with inspiring stories for example about their own careers, business ideas and working environments. The simulations and activities were well developed, challenging and most of all enjoyable".


Dr Wim van Vuuren, Director Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Canterbury Christ Church University Business School.

“The UBC provides students with a fantastic opportunity to put their business knowledge into practice, gain important entrepreneurial and employability skills, and get a close feel of what running a business is really like.”


Dr Eric C. K. Chan of Regent’s University London, (Business and Management Faculty), is an enthusiastic supporter.

The UBC is a key part of their strategy to increase business acumen and employability skills among their students.

"Our students have listed their participation in the UBC on their CV's and most have reported that potential employers globally took into account their commitment and team-working experiences on the UBC.

Each year students at RUL look forward and are very keen to participate in the UBC because of its excitement, learning, competitive and team synergy variables in the simulation. They also get to network with potential employers and students when they have reached the semi-final stage of the Challenge. That's why they strive each year to reach these important stages”.


Mark Ridolfo, Bournemouth University:

"The UBC gives students a fantastic opportunity to pit themselves against the best students from around the country, showcase their talents to prospective employers and to put into practice what they have learned on their courses. We regard this as an important competition and are proud to be associated with it".